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General Conditions


1. The tenant shall, within 14 days after receipt of the confirmation of booking 25% of the agreed rental price to the account of the landlord.
2. The remaining amount must be paid no later than one month before the start of the rental period.
The additional costs are to be paid no later than one month before the start of the rental period to bank account DE45 3905 0000 1071 0508 82 BIC AACDE33
3. The landlord having to adhere only after receipt of deposit on the lease.

3. The landlord undertakes the property at the agreed time in clean and good condition to transfer to the lessee.
4. The landlord is allowed to take into account the leased object at all usual time.

5. The tenant declares that this about the location, the decor and the good condition of the property is fully informed.
6. The tenant the property may be sublet to third parties or allow use. In the property may not stay persons, possible impressions (currently 32 people). If this amount of people will be overwritten without consultation with the landlord, the lease will be invalidated.
7. The tenant has the property to live with respect and dutiful to inhabit considering the house rules, which apply to this rental object, this commits all damages, except for fire damage, immediately report (or Later) at the landlord, who by his actions to the property, fixtures, furniture or something like that arise.
This obligation also applies to damages for lost parts of the property, furniture and fixtures.
8. The tenant agrees, the property and hand over the inventory contained therein, after termination of the rental period in a clean condition.
9. The tenant is required upon booking to inform the landlord about bringing a pet into knowledge. A pet is allowed only after the landlord has given written consent. The tenant is responsible for any damage or disruption caused by pets are formed.
10. The tenant may use the property only for holiday purposes only and should not use the rented premises for professional or business purposes without the landlord is notified accordingly.
11. It is prohibited in the property other devices, serving cooking, heating or use washing purposes, as made available by the landlord.
12. The bedding should be rented by the person from the landlord. The tenant is not permitted to use the beds without linen.
13. It is forbidden to cause noise nuisance to deliver others.

14. The transfer of the property to the lessee shall be effected by delivery of latchkey
15. The rental object is to engage on the arrival between 16:00 and 18:00. Tenants who are not on time at their vacation address (can) arrive, are required, the landlord to make timely informed about them, so arrange the transfer of keys can be arranged.
16. The lessee has accepted the property including the entire inventory, unless the renter within 4 hours after the use of the rental object objection. The landlord is obliged, if the tenant wishes, after the end of the rental period to confirmation by the original of the booking that the rental item with the inventory therein is transferred back to the landlord.
17. Additional costs of the rent must be agreed in advance between tenant and landlord and be indicated on the booking.
18. The landlord is not liable for the consequences of theft, damage to property of the tenant or accidents, this subject of guilt on his part. The landlord is not liable for costs or damages as a normal liability insurance would cover under these conditions.

19. The owner reserves the right to assign this Agreement without notice or by removing a judge in the following situations:
a) if at the time of rental start has not paid the full rent,
b) if the tenant leaves the object early;
c) if the lessee without prior written, telegraphic or telephonic message on the day of start date to 18:00 the property has not involved;
d) if the lessee fails to fulfill its obligations under the rules of the agreement and / or third parties.

20. When the tenant for any reason terminate this Agreement or without this agreement to explicitly say are coming from this agreement rights not addressed under part, the tenant is the landlord required to pay compensation as follows:
15% of the rental amount, if the cancellation is longer than 3 months for rent starting place;
50% of the rental price if the cancellation between 3 and 1 month for rent starting place;
75% of the rental price if the cancellation occurs within 1 month to 1 week prior to rental commencement;
100% of the rental price if the cancellation occurs less as 1 week for rent commencement or if the rental period has already started.
If the rental item for the same period can be rented again, the tenant the full rental refunded minus € 25, – administration.